Hong Kong Horse Racing Tips: How to Increase Your Chances of Winning

Horse racing is a popular sporting event in Hong Kong where people bet on the outcome of horses. The bookmakers usually place these bets, but many people also participate in horse racing themselves.

In recent years, it has become challenging for people to win a bet against the bookies. That’s because they have been using advanced software that can predict the outcome of a race very accurately, which gives them an advantage over punters.

There are many ways to increase your chances of winning at horse racing in Hong Kong, such as betting on long shots or picking your horses if you know enough about them.

If you’re into betting in horse races, there are huge chances that you’re not choosing a horse out of your own. Instead, the experienced horse race better would rely on horse racing tips. Horse racing tips can either give you a good advantage or a bad one – what’s important is that you can discern good advice from a bad one. In this article, we’ll be sharing some Hong Kong horse racing tips, and you can feel a good one from a bad one.

Hong Kong Horse racing tips

Horse racing is a popular sport which not only horse enthusiasts enjoy but also gamblers. It is a sport where the chances of winning are high if you can pick a good horse and a rider or jockey. Of course, not all people are knowledgeable about horses, especially with the people who ride them. Also, not all people can track the performance of each horse from every race along with their race schedules. However, these essential details can be helpful when trying to find the best horse to bet on for higher chances of winning.

It is because people cannot pick the right horse to bet on that they rely on horse betting tips. So, if you’re looking for a horse racing tip to get a better chance at winning, you’ll first need to find a tipster. The tipster is a horse racing enthusiast and an expert who can tell you everything you need to know about an ideal horse racing candidate. They will explain to you why and how the particular horse has better chances of winning the race. 

The only question, however, is on how you can find a reliable tipster. Here are a few things to consider when finding a reliable tipster for horse racing bets.

Place where to find a tipster.

First of all, when you’re looking for a reliable tipster, you’ll need to look for them at the right place. Tipsters always gather around the entrance of the track. They gather around a table and other tipsters, and they are straightforward to find if you ask from other betters. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find reliable tipsters online, and you’ll have to go through each profile to determine if they are legit or not. However, there are still many ways on how you can select their authenticity. We will detail these ways in the following paragraphs of this article.

Background check

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a tipster in real-time or online, you’ll always need to do a background check. The first thing you need to know about them is that they can tell if a horse has a bigger chance of winning than the rest. 

The minimum requirement to be a good tipster would be their record of tipping a winning race. Check to see for proof that they have given winning tips instead of losing ones. If you’re looking for a tipster in real-time, you’ll want to check their journal or record of winning trades. Usually, you also find the journal signed by the racing institution or reputable authorities. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a tipster online, you can scan the records of the tipster. 

As you do the background check, you may want to consider the facts or the reasons why the tipster came about with such a tip. Never go with the tipster who gives recommendations based on intuition or ‘gut-feeling.’ Intuitions can also be an excellent reason to bet however they have lesser reliability when betting on sports. It is always still better to rely on facts and reliable information.

Keep your financial information safe.

The last thing you’d want to have is losing all your money in your bank because you have disclosed your financial information to a scammer or hacker. 

Once you have found a tipster and have confirmed their background and records of successful tips, ask about their payment options and terms. You would want to make sure that the payment term and conditions are convenient for you and will not require you to sign up to forms, contracts, and other agreements. The payment option should also allow you to keep your personal information and card details to avoid scams and fraud using your details. 

For personal payment, make sure not to provide or disclose your financial information, preferably, use cash, and have the tipster sign an invoice or contract before issuing the payment. For online ventures, make sure that the form that you are filling out for income is encrypted – this means your details are secured.

Start with small bets.

One important tip that you will often get when betting on horse races as a beginner is to start with small bets. It is also beneficial when betting on a recommendation from a tipster that you’ve encountered the first time. You’ll never know when the information is legit unless you try it – of course, if you’re trying it, you need to start small. You should have a firm decision to start small to avoid possible significant losses – even though they will convince the tipster that they will win a race. 

As you win small bets from the tips provided by your tipster, you can then proceed with adding your betting capital to win more gains. Whenever betting, it is always safer to do it slowly but surely. Going all-in can give you the best profits; however, it can also cost you the most losses. So, always start small and proceed with making bigger bets once you have tested the reliability of the tipster.

Additional information about horse racing

It is also essential that you are knowledgeable of at least the basic things about horse racing so you can gauge if the tip is reliable or not. After gaining this knowledge, you can also consider yourself equipped to calculate good advice from bad.

You need to know that when a winning horse wins for the day, it will not always guarantee that it will still win tomorrow. There are a lot of factors to be considered when betting on a horse. One factor to consider is fatigue – regardless of whom enters a race, it will always get tired or worn out. To win a race, the horse should exert a good amount of effort, which in the end will take a toll when the horse gets tired. Therefore, you should rest the horse for at least a day or two to recover from a previous race. A well-rested horse has better chances of winning a race than a horse too tired from an earlier win.

Comebacks during a race are pretty much standard. Many horses are not practical during the start of the race; however, they are very reliable during the middle and end part. Like an engine, horses also need to start from low gear and move to the highest equipment. Do not rely solely on a fast horse. Many fast horses have a good speed but don’t have the means to maintain that speed. Furthermore, getting fast at the beginning of the race can take a toll on the horse’s body and make them slower at the end of the race. Make sure that the horse you are betting on has a good starting speed which eventually gets faster during the latter part of the race.

The more competitors or horses in a race, the fewer chances you have to win a bet. Consider that the more horses there are in a race, the more choices you will have to consider. In return, your chances of winning a bet get smaller. For example, if there are four horses on a race, your chances of winning a bet are 25%. Whereas, if there are ten horses in the field, your chances of winning a bet are 10%. So, choose a race with a much lesser number of competitors.

The ground condition is also a considering factor in winning a horse race. If you’re eyeing a particular horse, check to see the ground where it is most effective. Certain horses have better affinity or comfortability on certain ground types – whether it is dry, rocky, smooth, grainy, or other types of ground surfaces. If the horse has a previous win, check the ground where the race happened. There will be great chances of winning if the horse races on the same type of ground.

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