Is it acceptable for men to visit Trehaus?

Why not? Our company is open to both women and men.

As a flexi co-work member, do I have the freedom to pick which days I want to work in?

Yes, you may come in any day of the week, including on weekends. As a member of our group, you have biometric access to our facility and can work whenever the mall is open.

Is it permissible for males to attend Trehaus?

Yes! For meetings of up to 2 hours, members are permitted to sign in a visitor to our premises. Guests must register at the Member Services Desk.

I’m just interested in seeing how it’s done. Is it possible for me to come by for only one day?

Yes, of course. You may purchase a day pass for $50, but we’d appreciate it if you visited more often!

Do you have a picky policy regarding who may join Trehaus?

We’ll certainly fuss, because it’s critical who comes to form this exciting community! We meet all potential members and have conversations with them – one of the methods by which we create a lively Trehaus community.

I don’t think I’ll ever work with children who are playing all over the place.

Yes, exactly. We are not allowed to do so!

That’s why we’ve divided our space into three distinct areas:

  • A coworking space where children are not permitted is a good idea for many reasons, the most important of which being that it allows adults to work without having to worry about their children disturbing them.
  • This area is located in the basement and features a bedroom, closet, and bathroom. It also includes a toilet and shower as well as a common work space and pantry — where children can stay with their parents.
  • The Kids Atelier is a play area adjacent to the main Kids Atelier where children may play while you as the parent can come in and sit.

I’m not a parent. There’s no need to join Trehaus.

Even if you aren’t a parent, there’s every cause to celebrate! Our core service is a co-work place located in Orchard Road, which boasts a fantastic community to network with!

What are the networking possibilities?

Yes! We organize monthly activities for kids, health, work, networking, and family. These are wonderful opportunities to meet individuals and share ideas!

I’m taking a holiday and won’t be able to use my membership.

If you are a co-work member, you have the option to pause your membership for up to a month. When you return, you may resume at the beginning of the following month. You must commit to six consecutive months as a dedicated desk or office space member.

I’m in chronic pain and don’t like the chair that was provided for me at your workplace.

You might want to look into obtaining a permanent workstation with an ergonomically-designed chair to support your bad back. We’d want you to be as comfortable as possible, so if you need a portable back cushion or heat pack, we can store it for you.

I am a morning person. I work at night, as does my spouse. I occasionally have to attend a late business call at night for one of my US clients. What alternatives do I have at Trehaus?

Technically, as a Trehaus member, you have access to the co-work space 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can work whenever it is convenient for you. However, Claymore Connect (the mall in which Trehaus is located) opens at 7am and closes at 10pm.

We will provide you with a portable fan unit if you tell us before. We just ask that you turn off the air-conditioning and lights if you’re the last to leave so we can save energy.

I’m only available for one day out of the week. What are my alternatives?

We provide a variety of day passes, which start at $50 per day.

What is the process for requesting a refund?

We want you to know that we value your time and energy, and we will do everything we can to make sure you enjoy your stay with us. Trehaus is a membership-based firm, so refunds are not available after payments have been processed.

I’m looking for a place to do research, print my papers, and make copies.

We have office spaces that cater to basic requirements, such as high-speed internet, printer, photocopier, and scanner. We also provide mail and shipping handling.

I’m going to be on the phone for a while. Is it possible to communicate with my client over the phone in Trehaus?

Yes, you certainly can. You may make phone calls from your workplace. If you need some quiet, the cafe or mall are two options. We simply ask that others’ privacy and comfort be considered if you take a call at your place of business.

I’m a coworker. There’s no room for me to work in here.

That’s quite unlikely! To guarantee that our members always have a seat when they come to work, we simply sell a limited number of co-work spaces.

Will I be working in a juvenile, gaudy location?

We wouldn’t want you to think that! Our workplace (please book a tour if you haven’t already!) is professional-looking and friendly to working professionals seeking for a dynamic business atmosphere in which to operate. By the way, even at the Kids’ Atelier, our colors are neutral and muted, rather than drastically exciting.

I eat while I work. Totally need to be munching something for the brain to be productive. Can I park myself in the pantry with my laptop?

We understand that everyone functions differently. Some plug in music, while some need to nibble. We appreciate that you want to do your eating at the pantry instead of the co-working space but we do hope that you can make space for people who may need to have their meals there too!

I need coffee to function. Do you have it in your pantry? What else do you provide in your pantry?

We’ve got coffee, tea, milk and filtered (hot, room temp and cold) water, all ready for you.

For our member’s convenience, we stock healthy snacks for both adults and kids. Yummy lunch options coming your way too!

I’m so confused with all the plans available and I need to talk to someone to customise something suitable.

Fret not, our friendly Trehaus staff from the Member Services team would be more than delighted to sit with you, hear your concerns and work out a package that can meet your needs.

Questions on TrehausKids

Can I bring my domestic helper to watch my kid in the Kids Atelier?

Sure you can, and it’s at an extra cost of $5 per hour per helper. Because we are big on safety, we will need your helper’s name details registered under your account details.

I badly need a manicure, a gym workout and a grocery run. Can I drop off my child and leave the premise?

We strongly encourage our members to be on premise. We can be understanding if there is the occasional occurrence that you might need to leave the premise but we definitely hope the occasional would be few and far between!

Children get bored easily. How would you manage this problem?

That’s why our Kids Atelier has been purposefully conceptualised to be adaptable and flexible!

My schedules change all the time. Do I absolutely need to make a reservation in advance for drop off?

A heads up is always appreciated for our facilitators so we can plan age-appropriate activities for your child! But should you come without a booking, we will always try our best to accommodate, provided our space quota isn’t filled.