TrehausKids Enrichment – Ready to launch in 2017

Registration is NOW open for classes in the new year – let your kids experience holistic fun and engaged learning in 2017!

Join us in our Kids Enrichment Programmes, here at Trehaus!

TrehausKids Enrichment - Ready to launch in 2017 1

Get the programme descriptions, schedules and course fees here:

EXPLORERHAUS with EXPLORER JUNIOR : For ages 3-6, Explorerhaus is a weekly enrichment programme that nurtures children’s curiosity, creativity & critical thinking through engaging exploration & interactive experiences.

HOLISTIC YOGA & ART with CANVASS : For ages 4 – 12, this weekly class teaches the art of clearing the mind to cultivate a sense of calm & at the same time, imagine, discover & play through the medium of art to unleash one’s creativity.

*MANDARIN PLAYHAUS with SPARKANAUTS : For ages 5 -36 months, this parent-accompanied weekly programme aims to support a child’s holistic growth and learning in engaging ways in the Chinese Language.

MANDARIN DRAMAHAUS with SPARKANAUTS : For ages 4 – 7, this class helps build your child’s confidence in speaking and conversing in Mandarin.

MANDARIN ARTHAUS with SPARKANAUTS : For ages 1 – 6, this programme unleashes the artistic talent hidden in your child and is conducted in the Chinese Language

MUSICHAUS – BABY RHYME TIME : For ages  0 – 17, months, this weekly parent-accompanied class takes your baby on musical adventures through baby rhymes and well-loved songs.

MUSICHAUS – MUSIC EXPLORERS : For ages 18 – 36 months, this weekly class takes your baby on musical adventures and beyond.

ETONHOUSE STAY & PLAY PROGRAMME : For ages 9 – 22 months, this adult-accompanied playgroup offers a range of learning experiences in a safe learning environment which includes physical, social, musical and sensorial activities that are integral to a child’s development.

STORYTIME with TICKLE YOUR SENSES WORKSHOPS at Trehaus : For ages 3 – 6, 2017’s workshops are all set for children to see it, feel it, hear it the literary way!