Questions on Work space

Are men allowed at Trehaus?
Why not? Our space is open to both women and men.

As a flexi co-work member, do I have the flexibility to choose which days I want to come in?
Absolutely, you can come in any day, including weekends. As our member, you get biometric access to our space and can work any time during the opening hours of the mall.

Can I bring guests into the workspace?
Sure! Members are welcome to sign in a guest to our space for meetings for up to 2 hours. Guests must sign in at the Member Services Desk.

I just want to visit for a day. Can I come by for just one day?
Sure thing. You can purchase a day pass at $50 but we’d love for you to come more often!

Are you fussy about who becomes a member of Trehaus?
We need to fuss, that’s for sure, because it’s important who comes to make up this dynamic community! We meet all prospective members and engage in conversations with them – this is one of the ways in which we build a vibrant Trehaus community.

I don’t think I can ever work with children running around.
Our sentiments exactly. We can’t too!
That’s why we’ve divided our space into 3 distinct areas for cowork and coplay:

  • an adult-only work space where children are not allowed
  • a common work space and pantry – where children can accompany their parents in this area
  • an adjoining Kids Atelier, where kids play and you as the parent can enter and sit around as well.

I’m not a parent. There’s no reason to join Trehaus.
You’ve got every reason to, even if you aren’t a parent! Our core offering is a co-working space that’s located in prime location, which is Orchard Road, and we’ve got a great community to network with in here!

What are the networking opportunities?
Plenty! We organise monthly events centred on kids, wellness, work, networking and family. These are great opportunities to meet people and exchange ideas!

I’m going on a holiday and won’t be able to utilise my membership.
You have the flexibility to pause your membership for up to a month once if you are our co-work member. You may resume the following month when you return.

If you are a dedicated desk or office space member, you need to commit to 6 consecutive months.

I have a bad back and I don’t like the furniture that’s provided in your co-work space.
You may wish to explore getting a permanent desk which comes with an ergonomically-designed chair to support your bad back. We’d like you to be as comfortable as possible, and should you need to store a portable back support or heat pack, you can utilise our locker services as well.

I am a morning person. I work in the wee hours of the morning. Sometimes, I would also have to take a late conference call at night for my US client. What options do I have at Trehaus?

Technically, you have 24/7 access to the co-work space as a Trehaus member and you can work around your waking and sleeping schedules in terms of timing.

But Claymore Connect (the mall in which Trehaus is in) opens at 7.30am and closes at 10pm and the official hours for air-conditioning in the mall is 9am to 9pm.

If you tell us in advance, we’ll be more than happy to provide a portable fan unit for your comfort.

We just ask that you support our efforts to adopt sustainable work habits by switching off the air-conditioning and lights if you’re the last to leave.

I only want to work 1 day out of a week. What are my options?
Our day passes are available at $50 a day.

What is your refund policy?
If something’s not right to you, speak with us and we will be more than glad to address your concerns! Trehaus is a membership-based business and we do not issue refunds for payments already processed.

I want to surf the net to do research, print my documents and photocopy things.
We have core office facilities that support basic needs, such as hi-speed wifi, printer, photocopier and scanner, as well as mail and package handling.

I need to take phone calls. Can I talk to my client on the phone in Trehaus?
Sure, you can. You can take phone calls at your work spot. If you need privacy, there’s the option of taking the call at the outdoor patio or in the mall. If you do take a call in the work space, we just ask that the privacy and comfort of others be respected.

I am a co-work member. There’s no space to work for me.
That’s highly impossible! We only sell a limited number of co-work spaces to ensure that our members will always get a seat when they come in to work!

Will I be working out of a kiddy-looking, garish space?
We wouldn’t want you to! Our space is professional-looking and welcoming to working professionals looking for a dynamic business environment to work from. Please book a tour with us if you haven’t seen it yet!

By the way, even at the Kids’ Atelier, our colours are largely neutral and not outlandishly stimulating.

I eat while I work. Totally need to be munching something for the brain to be productive. Can I park myself in the pantry with my laptop?
We understand that everyone functions differently. Some plug in music, while some need to nibble. We appreciate that you want to do your eating at the pantry instead of the co-working space but we do hope that you can make space for people who may need to have their meals there too!

I need coffee to function. Do you have it in your pantry? What else do you provide in your pantry?
We’ve got coffee, tea, milk and filtered (hot, room  temp and cold) water, all ready for you. There are also snacks in the pantry! We go by an honesty jar system so feel free to drop change when you grab some snacks.

I’m so confused with all the plans available and I need to talk to someone to customise something suitable.
Fret not, our friendly Trehaus staff from the Member Services team would be more than delighted to sit with you, hear your concerns and work out a package that can meet your needs.

Questions on TrehausKids

Can I bring my domestic helper to watch my kid in the Kids Atelier?
Sure you can and because we are big on safety, we will need your helper’s name and details registered under your account.

I badly need a manicure, a gym workout and a grocery run. Can I drop off my child and leave the premise?
We strongly encourage our members to be on premise. We can be understanding if there is the occasional occurrence that you might need to leave the premise but we definitely hope the occasional would be few and far between!

Children get bored easily. How would you manage this problem?
That’s why our Kids Atelier has been purposefully conceptualised to be adaptable and flexible!

My schedules change all the time. Do I absolutely need to make a reservation in advance if I am coming with my child?
A heads up is always appreciated for our facilitators so we can anticipate and plan age-appropriate activities for your child!

What is the minimum age for using the Kids Atelier?
Whilst we have experienced facilitators on site, we reckon that the minimum age is 6 months when your baby can hold his or her head steady. It’s important that we handle your babe only when you are ready to entrust him / her to us. You should also give an allowance of a week to ease in your child, especially if yours is a really young baby or if your child has separation issues. Children will require time to settle in a new environment, especially those who have never been to a creche like ours before.

Unexpected incidents happen all the time when it comes to kids. How will your staff deal with emergency situations?
Our staff will first seek assistance to ensure the safety and well-being of other children and then attend to the child in need. If injury is involved, we will grab our First Aid Kit and follow the following First Aid process:

  1. Clean the injury. Rinse with warm water (no soap).
  2. Apply an antibiotic to discourage infections in the wound.
  3. Cover the wound. Bandages can keep a wound clean and bacteria out.

And then we would page for you. It is important to inform the parent(s) of what happened. We want to give you the peace of mind too and give you the heads up about the condition of your child.

The unexpected injury is something most caregivers will face. Kids will occasionally bump their heads or get a paper cut or lose their balance. We will keep calm and work quickly to assess the situation and give the kind of medical attention that is needed. An incident report will also be logged by the staff handling the matter within 12 hours of the incident should immediate medical attention be needed.

Many age groups in one common space! How is that even feasible?
We’ve had to face this tough challenge of space head on, but we are creative people nonetheless! Our Atelier is divided into various corners for eating, lounging, reading, open-ended play, infant soft play, and sensory play. As we rearrange our Atelier purposefully, we keep in mind the different age groups that come to us and how meaningful play can be facilitated.

If my child is above 6 years old, how will he be entertained?
We assume that any child above 6 years of age comes programmed with some ability to entertain oneself, no?

We do request the older child to bring some form of engagement or entertainment (like a book or a laptop) to busy himself with at our common space. We may have some storybooks on hand for borrowing but we feel it’s better that the child bring his own! And if he wants to explore the Atelier, he is more than welcome to!

My child is actually a much older kid (tweenager / teenager, for example) and I’d like to bring him into the work space so he can do his homework next to me. Will that be ok?
Our work space is divided into an adult-only area and a common area. Your older child can do his homework in the common area and you can choose to work there next to him as well. You may sign your child in as a guest, or take a WORK + PLAY Day Pass for $120.

My child’s hungry all the time and needs to snack. Can my child eat in the Atelier?
We’d appreciate that you give clear instructions to our facilitators on what to do (like when to feed, how much to eat, etc) for snack time. We’d also appreciate that you avoid bringing snacks containing nuts. There’s a Meals Corner where your child can have his snack.

Will your facilitators feed my child?
We believe that eating is a social experience and we encourage parents to feed their children to promote bonding. At the same time, we understand that there will be occasions where you are unable to do so and we will be flexible on a case-by-case basis. Just make sure you give us specific instructions on what to do!

You say you offer child-friendly facilities. What exactly are they?
We have a place you can very much feel at home, which includes a nursing room with a fridge to store breast milk, as well as a diaper changing station and a quiet corner /sleeping nook with cots for infants and nap cots for toddlers. We also sell socks if you do not have any.

We also provide essentials like blankets, wet wipes and diapers in all sizes (using an honesty jar system) so you don’t need to lug them around while co-working in our space. If your child is a regular here, you are welcome to leave your child’s essentials here with, provided they are non bulky items.

I brought my business partner as a guest for a quick meeting today and she would love to play with my kid for a while. Is my guest permitted in the Kids Atelier?
If everyone’s signed-in guest were allowed in our Atelier, our kids would be looking at many unfamiliar faces frequently – and so, for the safety and well-being of our kids, no, sorry!

If I’ve paid for the membership for the co-working space only and did not get a WORK + PLAY package, can I bring my child on the occasional days I wish to keep her close to me? 
You may purchase a drop-in PLAY package for your child for occasions like these.

What if I just want to enter the Atelier to settle my child for a while? Am I allowed to do so?
For sure! It’s important that your child gets eased in gradually, and we would be glad if you, as the parent, facilitate the easing in process.

What will you do with an unwell child?
There’ll be a basic health screening before any child enters the Atelier, which includes temperature-taking and hand sanitisation. Should your child be found unwell at this point – runny nose, cough, ulcers and/blisters on the hands and feet and in the mouth, having a fever of 37.5 deg C or more – we would have to request that you take him home.

Should your child develop symptoms or show signs of being unwell during his time with us in the Atelier, we would have to quarantine him and page for you so you can take him to seek medical assistance.

I am particular about hygiene. I hope you are too.
Socks are compulsory for ALL adults and children entering our Atelier. Our equipment, play fixtures and Atelier space are cleaned daily. Our furniture and fittings are also disinfected and sanitised at the end of each week day. After messy play, we request that you provide a spare change of clothes for your child so that your child can be dressed in something clean and comfortable. Here at Trehaus, we are as particular about hygiene as you.

What is the facilitator to child ratio?
The ratio 1:4 for babies below 18 months and 1:6 for children above 18 months.

I’m already paying for co-work membership. So why do I have to bringing my child to work?
Our work memberships are priced competitively relative to other co-work spaces and apart from charging for the cowork option, we need to charge for the coplay because we need to provide quality caregiving to your child every time he is in the Atelier.

Who would be taking care of my child?
Our facilitators and Atelier assistants at TrehausKids, who are wonderful people! They love children and can’t wait to facilitate learning and discovery with them!

If my child cries and wants me, will your facilitator come and get me?
This really depends on what you’d like us to do. Are you the sort of parent that wants us to alert you if your child cries and wants you? Or are you the sort that would be fine even if your child is crying, being separated from you? Let us know should you have a preference and we will respond accordingly.

What is your educational philosophy for TrehausKids? How will you help my child learn?

We seek to create an environment that allows children to be uninhibited to explore and play freely. We don’t have a fixed curriculum here as we are not a school. We are a kids creche and a play atelier where we facilitate play-based activities to pique the children’s curiosity to learn and explore.

We believe children are driven by their interests and all have their internal clocks to follow. We do not prescribe activities but lead them through facilitation based on their innate desire to learn. We say we are somewhat Reggio-inspired, and largely child-led.

We are thinking of popping by with our child. Are you open to people who are not members/ don’t want the cowork option?

We would love to have you join us but first, we’d like to invite you to our space for a tour, followed by a trial. Only when you find that this is a good fit, you can consider getting out DROP-IN PLAY Package. Our Atelier is suitable for 6-36 months and most children who come into our Atelier for the first time love wandering and exploring. The space is sun-lit and very conducive for uninterrupted free play and discovery.

What is a drop-off and what is drop-in?

We only do ‘drop-ins’ in Trehaus, which means that the parents or caregivers need to be around the child. You may be around, by being at the coworking space or playing alongside him or her at the Atelier.

I don’t get all these packages. Why do you have ‘WORK’, ‘WORK + PLAY’ and ‘PLAY’?

Let’s explain the packages in brief here:

WORK is for those who’d like to take up a co-work space in the form of a hotdesk, fixed desk or office. These members who join us may or may not be parents and only need the work space option for their business needs.

WORK + PLAY caters to business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals who like to have the best of both worlds. They get to work out of the co-work space and have the flexibility to bring their kid(s) to work and dropping them off at the Atelier while they get work done.

PLAY is a package we designed for people who don’t need the co-work space and yet would love to drop off their kid(s) in our Atelier when it’s time for the kids to well, play! Many parents have come to us telling us that our sun-drenched, calming space is very suitable for their kid to play and explore. They find it more worthwhile to drop off rather than having their child disengaged or bored at home.


Come by and have a chat with our friendly Trehaus staff if you’re unsure which package is suitable for you and we’d be glad to help!