Wellness is a lifetime journey – Katherine Khoo


Life pivots like the one made by Katherine are not alien to those in entrepreneurship circles, but seldom are they prompted by health. Trehaus spoke to Katherine to find out more about her wellness journey.

How did you get started on this path?

I did not start my career as an Nutritional Medicine Practitioner (NMP). I was a senior manager in the telecommunication industry for 11 years. My personal health issues prompted me to look for an alternative solution. I found nutritional medicine, went back to school, healed myself and changed my career.

Wellness if a lifetime journey - Katherine Khoo 1

Tell us more about Nutritional Medicine.

Nutritional Medicine is a relatively new field in Asia, with training and qualifications differing from that of nutritionists and dietitians. An innovative field in health and wellness, it includes assessment, interview, examination and education of every individual to peak wellness, health and performance.

There are less than 20 licensed NMP in Malaysia at the moment. In Singapore, I understand from my contact in the ministry that there’s no such licensing yet, but that it’s in the works. Regulations in both countries are slightly different, so the usual ups and downs experienced by a start-up applies to me as well.

When did you move to Singapore?

I moved to Singapore in May 2017 and I am working to further establish my practice here. I believe that wellness is a lifetime journey, so, apart from nutritional therapy for treatment purposes, I spend a lot of time with my clients, educating and coaching, so that they can continue to achieve wellness even after our therapy sessions. We really work closely to bridge the gaps between nutrition, lifestyle, supplementation and exercise.

Wellness if a lifetime journey - Katherine Khoo 2