Welcome to the new way to work

Work-life balance just took on a new twist with a co-working space in town that comes complete with child-friendly facilities – you get to work, live a fulfilling life as a parent and achieve that comfortable state of equilibrium.

While it seems that work-life balance was a myth just a few years ago, the government has advocated for companies to implement more family-friendly policies to help promote a healthier approach to managing one’s work and life. Various studies conducted this past decade have shown that achieving this work-life balance actually increases the productivity of the individual and therefore, an organisation as a whole. Nowadays, with the gradual implementation of more family-friendly policies and programmes such as increased paternity leave and more flexible work hours, it finally seems like one can spend more time with one’s family without having to sacrifice much at work.

However, on the whole, Singaporeans are still working long hours, and those who do not spend enough time with their family have cited long working hours as the main reason why they do not get enough quality time with their loved ones.

This is where we come in to make the seemingly elusive and overly ambitious concept of work-life balance a reality.

For starters, the mission of our co-working space is to empower every parent to obtain self-fulfillment and financial independence while making family a priority. Founded by working mothers like myself, our co-working space allows the working parent to have a fulfilling career all while being involved in his or her child’s development.

At Trehaus, the office and the child-friendly learning facilities are housed under one roof. As a parent working at a shared space, this effectively means being apart and yet together when you bring your child to work. Sounds pretty contradictory, yes? We’ve essentially conceptualised a space that gives you, the working parent, a peace of mind, as a parent and as a career-person: you head to the co-working space, which is separated from the Atelier, to get productive while your child is dropped off for facilitated play at the Atelier. And when it’s time to bond and participate in social experiences like eating, you reunite again with your child in the child-friendly space or pantry.

You will never miss a single milestone. How’s that for creating beautiful memories in your parenthood journey?

Welcome to the new way to work 1

Even if you’re not a working parent, Trehaus still presents you with a new way to work in our co-working space. Our space is one where professionals can interact freely which facilitates networking and an exchange of ideas. Being a part of a close-knit community is precisely one of the benefits of co-working and also the reason why it’s gaining traction in various parts of the world.

According to the Harvard Business Review, employees also thrive in co-working spaces because they see their work as meaningful. Users of co-working spaces cite “not needing to maintain a ‘work persona’ to keep up with complex office politics” as one of the many reasons why they thrive in co-working spaces. The meaningful aspect of work also comes in as a result of a vibrant and comfortable co-working culture where socialisation isn’t “forced” but is an outcome of an organic process. Many people find co-working more conducive than working in a typical competitive workplace.

Welcome to the new way to work 1

Welcome to the new way to work 1

What we’ve set out to do at Trehaus is to provide the space to thrive and make meaning – whether you are an entrepreneur, employee co-working or as a working parent seeking career fulfilment. As Sheryl Sandberg aptly asked once, “Framing the issue of work-life balance – as if the two were dramatically opposed – practically ensures work will lose out. Who would ever choose work over life?”

Here at Trehaus, we’ll gladly say – We’re not choosing. We’re having both!

Rachel Teo is one of the co-founders of Trehaus and has more than 10 years of experience in retail, events management, product marketing, GTM and strategy within the retail and ICT industry. Her last role was at Microsoft as a Regional Marketing Director. She believes that work doesn’t have to be at the expense of living life and vice versa. She is a big fan of Matter Prints, local coffee and her two-year-old son.

Welcome to the new way to work 1