Patents and Parenting from Paris to Singapore – Nicholas Moore

Patents and Parenting from Paris to Singapore - Nicholas Moore 1


This month for Member Spotlight, we meet Nicholas, patent attorney for Cabinet Plasseraud –  a team of highly qualified scientific and legal professionals in France. He’s in Singapore with his wife and and children. He works at Trehaus and his youngest two, twins James and Amélie – play with us. He shares a little bit about being a dad and working with global clients from our little red dot.

Why Trehaus?

My wife saw it as she walked past. I do work at home some days, but it is easier for me to work at Trehaus. It’s nicer for us to get out of the house and see other people.  I also get more work done than at home and it gives our helper a rest.  Plus, it’s cheaper than paying for two places at infant care…

How has your experience at Trehaus been so far?

Excellent, no complaints at all.  The team are all lovely, it is a safe environment with plenty of toys.  The supermarket in the basement is also a life-saver for when my darling locusts have eaten all their food before lunchtime.

Why do you value being an involved father? (traditionally it has been seen as a wives jobs, especially with TWINS!).

Having kids is the best thing we ever did, dads shouldn’t miss out on all the fun.

Prior to moving to Singapore, I worked in Paris.  During the week, I hardly saw our children when they were awake.  Now, I have the flexibility to be able to play with them whenever I feel like a break.

What’s your typical day like coming to work with the twins?

Easy actually, apart from being woken-up before 6.  We walk to Trehaus as it sends the kids to sleep (at the same time!).  I can then work until they need feeding.  I have lunch watching them play and then work until about 5, when we walk home to see our elder son.

I do also usually end up doing some work in the evenings, as my colleagues in France don’t wake up until mid afternoon Singapore time.

Have you seen any changes in the twins over the past few months, in terms of their growth and development?

Obviously all kids grow and develop, but it is strange to think that when we arrived in September they could not even crawl or sit up.  Now, Amélie can walk and James says a few words.  In particular, Da-da.  They also now seem very at ease with other people, and are far more independent.

Has being in this space as a coworker done anything for your business / work / career? Tell us a little about what you do?

We moved to Singapore for my wife’s job.  I am a European patent attorney, working for a French company.  I obtain patents for electronics/software, such as for mobile phones.  I can’t actually do all aspects of the job from outside of Europe (I used to also represent my clients at the European Patent Office).  So personally, as a career move, leaving Europe is not ideal.  However, as most of my clients are in Korea, I am in a better time-zone from their perspective.

Working in Trehaus, rather than at home, helps me concentrate as I don’t need to worry whether the kids are bored/hungry/tired etc because there is always a team looking after them. I also enjoy meeting other coworkers as working from home is rather lonely.

What do you enjoy most about being in this space?

Working in the next room to the kids, and being able to go and play with them whenever I like.  I also like the natural daylight in the kids’ room.  The curry from across the road is also pretty good.

Any words of advice for a dad like you who would like to bring their kids to work?

If your work allows you do it, then I think you would regret it if you didn’t.  I feel very lucky to be able to spend the extra time with them whilst also carrying on with my career.