MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: A Worthy Cause, Just ‘Cause – Emily Perkin

The door at Trehaus swings open and there’s always a skip in her step, the loveliest of smiles on her face and the most adorable blue-eyed baby that comes along with her to work.

Meet Emily Perkin.
And her companion on work days, Baby Henry.
MEMBER'S SPOTLIGHT: A Worthy Cause, Just 'Cause - Emily Perkin 1

Emily is Managing Director of Just Cause, a consultancy service made up of professionals and volunteers that provides independent philanthropy research, assessment and support services for both donors and non-profit organizations. Emily’s passion lies in evaluating social impacts and reviewing charity organisations. Not only does Emily have a decade of experience in both consulting and volunteering in the social services sector, she also co-founded an award winning social enterprise in London.

Emily is a co-working member at Trehaus. She drops off little Henry at the TrehausKid’s Atelier while she works at the adjoining co-working space. Henry is one the youngest in the Atelier, and always has a handsome smile for whoever goo-goos him. He gets his fill of watching the older children play and lots of tummy time and sensory input whenever he’s in the Atelier. His blue eyes has charmed both the younger ones and our facilitators alike who interact with him. He is a joy to have around. Just being able to watch him do his happy kicks and show us his expressive grins makes everyone’s day.

Emily thinks Trehaus with its adjoining baby-friendly facilities is such a splendid idea. What she finds useful about the services provided at Trehaus is that it gives her flexibility in getting her work done when she needs to. She loves having the best of both worlds – being able to work and meet her clients, and having Henry close by her side and being able to watch him grow. Emily even watched Henry hit one of his first milestones at 6 months – being able to sit up without support – here at Trehaus!