Total creative & mom of pugs – Claire Swart


If you’ve seen a swanky and lanky blonde in the Haus, you’ve definitely met Claire Swart. She can’t be missed, for sure. Claire sits at one of the semi-private desks and walks around Trehaus with a camera in her hand most of the time. Her pretty desk is decked in pink and she’s got one of the loveliest smiles and one of the most enviable jobs – designing and creating content for social media.

We caught up with Claire, the total creative graphic designer and digital marketing strategist for Member Spotlight this month to learn why she loves creating things with her hands.

Interview with Claire

MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Total creative & mom of pugs - Claire Swart 2

What inspired you to start a business?

I felt I wasn’t getting enough experience in an agency and just falling into being a number in a company. I also wanted the freedom to do what I loved to do – social media – and still carry on with my passion for graphic design. I also wanted the freedom to travel and work. So I started Eastern Paper Co and Blonde Theory.

Can you describe your job / your role?

I am the owner and founder of Eastern Paper Co and Blonde Theory. My main role is Social Media Management and Branding.

Day to day, I map out the week’s posts for clients, create the content (shoots, design, etc) and write captions. I also do research on trends and check if our posts are reaching clients.

What gives you motivation every day?

Every day there’s bound to be something new, and so my brain has to be constantly working to come up with new and exciting content. Every day social media platforms release new ideas and apps and it’s very interesting. I don’t think I’ve ever been bored with what I do! In fact, it’s quite the opposite – I get scared I won’t be able to think up new ideas.

What are your plans for your business?

I am looking to expand as I gain more clients. But I still have to face the challenges of who to choose for the team, and where to find the right match. I would love to have a PR partner on board and maybe a few interns in my expansion plan.

What brings you to Trehaus?

Trehaus approached me to strategise their social media. I was really excited as I wanted to be part of a community and meet more entrepreneurs and like-minded people as I feel we can learn a lot from one another. Coming to Trehaus also gives me a sense of belonging and purpose in the morning, rather than just getting up and moving to the study which is just right down the hall. I also love the walk through Orchard Road in the morning! It gets me ready for the day.

What’s the most enjoyable thing about being an entrepreneur?

My freedom to explore many things and being able to travel and work from anywhere. It has also given me a great sense of achievement and I’m very proud of myself. A lot of people thought I might fail (which I have before) pursuing this path but I think I have found my spot in the working world.

Continue this sentence: ‘Work life balance is…’

… UNPLUGGING. Because social media requires us to plug in online always, sometimes I just have to turn my phone over and ignore it for a few hours to find that balance.

Any advice for someone who wants to venture into the unknown of entrepreneurship?

Give everything a try. If you fail, you can always start again. Never give up.


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Claire’s motto in life is “Try it; it doesn’t matter if you fail.” She’s a big C for creative, loves to make things happen with her hands and enjoys trying out new programmes. She’s obsessed with all things pug with a bit of cat on the side.