Homeschooling and travelling with 4 kids – Victor and Aude Augais


A family of 6 came to Trehaus for a tour in early January and this was how we met Victor Augais, homeschooling dad, and Aude Augais, supermom, and their brood of 4.

We were impressed, intrigued and completely awed by this family who decided to take one year off to travel with 4 kids in tow. For this month and the next, they would be based in Singapore, before heading off to see the world and so we caught up with Aude, the family’s supermommy, to find out about their lives and why they decided to visit Singapore.

8 Email Interview Questions for Aude

 What brings you to Singapore?

Last year, my husband, Victor and I decided to take one year off to travel with our 4 kids after he sold the company –Urban Soccer – which he had founded 10 years ago  This travel project is first of all a family project, and also a way for my husband to get inspiration for businesses which have been developed abroad but don’t exist in France. He would really like to start a new project back when he returns to France. We chose Singapore as it’s an innovative capital city.

Tell us more about your family of 6.

We have 4 kids. Candice the eldest and the only girl is 8, and Emile the youngest is 9 months. We have 2 other boys, Georges who is 6 and Maxime,who is 4 years old. Candice is very kind and sweet. The “middle” boys are funny but so energetic that sometimes they can get out of control when they are together. Emile is the easy 4th !

What’s it like travelling the world with 4 kids in tow?

Travelling the world with family is a great experience as you totally change your way of living and you open your eyes and your kids’ eyes to everything. You get to spend a lot of time with your family. It is a very rich experience but it is also a challenge as you and your kids have to leave home (toys, friends and family…) and you have to create a new world with family as your center! You also need to find the balance between your personal time and your family time while travelling!

We hear your husband homeschools your children. Could you share more on how it started and what made your family decide to homeschool?

Travelling the world with a lot of destinations is education in itself and so the natural thing to do is to homeschool our kids to give them a homogeneous education during the year, and  also to help them pass to the next grade when we go back to France. My husband likes teaching and the opportunity to do it with his own kids has inspired him a lot. We have decided to homeschool the 2 eldest kids only, as Maxime who is 4 is still able to go through this year without school.

How did you hear of Trehaus?

We looked for a solution that would give us some time without the kids and my husband was looking for a co-working space to work. Google showed us Trehaus!  We then decided that it would be me coming to Trehaus with our two younger boys when my husband teaches the 2 eldest in the morning. During the afternoons, I usually take care of the 4 kids while my husband works or meets with people to look for new ideas for businesses.

How has your experience at Trehaus been so far?

I like it very much and I would definitely promote this way of working. It is very flexible as you can have your kids close by. The Atelier is also a nice place for the kids to play at!

What is your typical day like coming to work with Maxime and Emile?

My typical day is arriving at 9am, working on my computer at the Commons until 11:30am and then taking Maxime out to buy something for his lunch and mine. Then I work until 3pm before going back home.

Victor and Aude, with their younger two boys, Maxime and Emille

Victor and Aude, with their younger two boys, Maxime and Emile

Any words of advice for fellow moms with how to cope with multiple children?

We have experienced that having kids takes energy but sometimes it is not because you have a large family that it takes more energy. If you can plan ahead, you will have more time for you. For that reason, we have found Trehaus a very good solution to our needs!