MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Planning for Others to Get Happily Hitched – Denise Tan

A typical work day starts with finding a comfortable spot at the Sanctuary, grabbing a glass of water and peering into her calendar that’s filled with scribbles, appointments and to-dos.

The Sanctuary, in case you don’t already know, is not the name of a spa but the quietest work zone at Trehaus.

Trehaus houses a Kids Atelier, the Commons (which is a space where some members with self-directed kids and quiet infants work), and the Sanctuary (a quieter, conducive work zone) all under one roof.  That’s also the place where Denise can be found, planning and coordinating the various intricacies leading to every of her client’s wedding day. She’s our co-working member and a part of our vibrant Trehaus community. On some days, her partner Michelle signs in, gets a day-pass, and the duo proceeds to get into the thick of the action taking care of logistical details, managing budget, liaising with vendors and poring over all the nittty-gritties from venue and theme to music and timeline leading up to a wedding.

Denise and Michelle are homegrown parties and weddings planners who founded Hitched Weddings & Parties. They are two very passionate people who are committed to creating bespoke weddings that tell the story of love’s journey with creativity and style. They firmly believe that every couple deserves a celebration that is a true reflection of their love story and who they are.

And they have dedicated their careers to create this magic for every couple who comes through Hitched’s door.

Denise (right), with her partner, Michelle (left) sharing a hearty laugh at the breakout area at The Sanctuary in Trehaus

Denise (right), with her partner, Michelle (left) sharing a hearty laugh at the breakout area at the Sanctuary in Trehaus

But instead of having a physical shop front door literally, Denise and Michelle have chosen to work out of a co-working space. They love the space and design of Trehaus and feel that the environment is a conducive one for planning, strategising and creative work which is crucial for her industry.

In addition, they like the friendly networking environment that Trehaus offers, which supports businesses like Hitched.

“I like the feeling of having a community around me,” says Denise.

“We’ve been to several co-working spaces before we came here, and we really like Trehaus because the environment here inspires creativity,” she adds.

Now we know that the quiet Sanctuary is also a great place to simmer and brew those creative juices, thanks to our lovely members at Hitched!

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