MEMBER SPOTLIGHT: Balancing the Fatherhood and Work Equation – Mischa Zvi Beitz

Provider, protector, story-teller, meal planner and diaper changer.

This is what modern fatherhood looks like for Mischa Zvi Beitz, who is also the Chief Technology Officer at Power E2E, a company that provides software-as-a-service in the supply-chain management and electronic integration solutions space.

Mischa’s job as a CTO is a challenging one: he’s the IT wiz who is always needed 24/7. He lives on standby to fix issues and glitches in a fast-paced environment. Yet, he finds it as rewarding as it is challenging.

“My job’s all about looking for changes in the landscape and operating systems. If you like this kind of stuff, it’s very enjoyable,” Mischa says.

In addition to his work, Mischa’s taken on an equally challenging role – b,eing a hands-on father, and bringing his three-year-old to work every day. Mischa works out of Trehaus daily, which means while he is solving IT problems for his clients in the co-working space daily, Sascha, his bubbly, inquisitive and adorable firstborn, is at play in the adjoining TrehausKids Atelier.

The father-son duo has worked out a daily routine whereby they’ll have breakfast together in the morning, followed by a little TV or toy-car time. And when Daddy says it’s time to go, both of them will travel to Trehaus by bus, sitting on their special spot together.

At Trehaus, Mischa heads off to the Commons – the common work zone where parents work alongside their self directed children or quiet infants – while Sascha engages in play-based activities in the Atelier for a good part of the morning before they both head out for lunch together. Lunch would usually be a healthy meal of salad and onigiri or a hearty portion of spaghetti bolognaise, which both father and son would enjoy at the pantry. After lunch, it’s back to the daddy-works-son-plays routine while fitting in a nap, diaper change, some snacks, a story and many questions of ‘why Daddy why’ along the way, which Mischa patiently involves himself in, right down to googling for the answers to all Sascha’s questions.

“For me, getting out of the house with my son – and doing this – is worth it. Kinda’ meets my needs and Sascha’s needs for now,” Mischa says.

“Sascha needs a little bit more daddy-time. Coming here as part of our routine is good for most parts. Young children like him should have a regular routine,” he adds. Mischa also intends to bring his younger son, Asher, to Trehaus soon.

Mischa, here at the Haus Pantry, watching Sascha dig into a hearty meal of onigiri and salad.

Mischa, here at the Haus Pantry, watching Sascha dig into his hearty lunch

From Monday to Friday, Mischa’s the meal-planner, story-teller, diaper changer, nurturer, caregiver and best buddy to Sascha, on top of being Mr-Fix-It-All for his company’s IT needs.

More dads are now making their children’s lives an integral part of theirs, and wanting to be totally involved in raising them. Wanting to embrace more moments with their children is now the new way of working for the modern father like Mischa. And being in a space like Trehaus lets Mischa bring his child to work so he can be present in fatherhood, all while being productive and building a career.

It’s also probably going to be the little one’s fondest memory in childhood, being with Daddy at work and spending every waking moment with the hero in his life!