Inspiring Storyteller – Sushmita Mohapatra

If you hear a bubbly, cheery voice at Trehaus, you would have met Sushmita. She’s got heaps of boundless energy and usually has a word for anyone anywhere, about anything, be it the weather, her latest projects, the coffee or a festival she celebrates.

And we would know. Because Sush’s a skillful chief storyteller.

Sushmita Mohapatra is a senior content and communications strategist, who has worked with firms like PwC, McKinsey & Company and Skyscanner. A former print & TV business journalist, she runs her own content marketing firm, Inkling Asia. We caught up with Sushmita to find out what brings her to Trehaus.

Inspiring Storyteller - Sushmita Mohapatra 1 Inspiring Storyteller - Sushmita Mohapatra 2

How did you hear about Trehaus?

I heard about Trehaus, after I wrote my first book, Dear Ms Expat. We were looking at co-working spaces to organize our launch events and conversations. One of the women we interviewed for the book, recommended Trehaus.

Why did you choose to work here?

The space, colours and bright interiors!

I need to be creative and create inspirational content for my clients, and the energy in Trehaus helps me do just that. I find other co-working spaces rather dark with grey interiors and bad lighting! Not so great for ideation and writing.

My son’s school is next door, so that helps as well.

How has your experience at Trehaus been so far?

I have really enjoyed working here. Commuting is a breeze and so is shopping and taking the much-needed breaks.

Has being in this space as a coworker done anything for your business / work / career?

Yes it has. I have had a few conversations with businesses here and most people are very ready to help.

What do you enjoy most about being in this space?

I love seeing the kids play in the nursery. It is very comforting and overall a very happy place. After tough conversations or a tiring hour of writing, stepping out and seeing the kids play invariably makes me smile.

Which is your favourite space in Trehaus?

I love the wing chair and the small seating arrangement with cushions. Sometimes I like using that space to write or read.

Have you done or plan to do any collaborations with other members of Trehaus?

Hopefully soon!

Any words of advice to other members on the best ways to maximize the resources available at Trehaus?

I think the Trehaus library has some great books (and I discovered that recently!), so definitely a lot more left to find out about the space.

Any other thoughts or comments you’d like to share?

For parents, who are looking at being with their kids, while also getting some time on the side to do their work, study or just meet friends, Trehaus is a great find. Your child has an amazing environment to explore, meet other kids his/her age, while having you in the vicinity. And because he/she is being taken care of so well, you have the liberty and the mind-space to get some me-time.