A Grandmother’s legacy – Full of Tots

A Mother to daughter legacy for her own children - Full of Tots 1

Full of Tots is a new venture by a mum-preneur selling handmade maternity/nursing dresses. The Frills Collection consists of made to order dresses in 2 designs (toga or frill strap) with 4 available colours (orange, coal, mustard and red). Find their sample products and more information hanging in the Trehaus nursing room!

Meet Shi Hui from Full of Tots: “My name is Shi Hui and my mum has been a full-time housewife and a home-based seamstress for the past 20-odd years. Growing up, she had sewn countless dresses for me but I never realised that having mum-made dresses in this day and age was a luxury. It all started out when we were barely making ends meet and my mother decided it was easier to sew our school uniforms and dresses than buying them. It is truly a blessing that her children have all grown up fine and are working adults now. This small venture of handmade maternity/nursing dresses is an attempt to help our mum pursue her dreams of owning a business as well as to encourage her to age actively and purposefully. The dresses are all handmade with original designs created by my mum, and it would have been a pity not to share with all the other mothers!”

Check out @fulloftots on Instagram to see how mums across Singapore are wearing the Frills Collection!