Gifted in gifting – Pavlina Atanasov


She saw a need to develop a complete digital e-gifting ecosystem, and she created one linking brands like Lazada, Hipvan, Sasa, Grab and Zalora with their end consumers. The result? A comprehensive platform that gives people the freedom to deliver digital gifts to people that matter to them in an instant. We speak to Pavlina Atanasov, founder of Wogi, in our Member Spotlight this month, to find out what inspired this dream.

What inspired you to start your business?

After moving to Singapore, I saw an opportunity and a trend in the digital gifting scene in Asia. So not long after that, I decided to start working on this project with a goal to be the leading enterprise gifting provider in the region.

The startup ecosystem in Singapore is quite well-developed and there were so many events that I could learn from. Also, meeting people and networking was no issue. I was inspired by the stories I heard and the city I live in so much so I decided to take that step and move from being an employee to starting my own business here and develop a great product to bring happiness to people – a product that everyone will enjoy using.

What are your roles in the business?

I’ve been taking on the role of sales and marketing in projects spanning events & exhibitions as well as digital and traditional media. For me, it was natural to start a business that involves strong sales skills and knowledge in the field. However, I grew to understand that beyond good sales skills and knowledge, you need to have what it takes to lead a business and you be the spark plug in the company that starts the engine. Especially in the early stages of your business development. It definitely is more than getting your great ideas through to your employees. The reality is that you’re going to have do a little bit more of everything yourself.

Why tech ? 

That’s what my business partner and I know! We came from a tech background and have the knowledge. I don’t have much knowledge in manufacturing or any other business fields but tech was and still is what I want to do.

What are your plans? 

Wogi is here to make people happy with every gift they receive and to bring more smiles on their faces, as well as to achieve our goals to be the leading enterprise e-giftcard provider in the region. We will continue to work hard to bring these plans to fruition.

How has being a mom changed your work and life?

I had a baby – Wogi – when I got pregnant, and was expecting my other baby :) . It helped me to adjust my time management. I would say that now with a business and a baby, I try not to waste my time and energy in not so important tasks and relationships.

Pavlina and her beautiful baby girl

Pavlina and her beautiful baby girl

What made you come to Singapore? 

Love! :)
My husband was relocated from his company and I followed him to this beautiful, little red dot. I don’t regret any part of that decision back then.


Wogi lets you buy and send gift cards digitally – gifting someone something meaningful is now possible; you can shop for a wide variety of gifts from any computer or mobile device and they can be delivered online, via sms, by post or by hand. It’s a wonderful way to exchange and give gifts to family, friends and important people in your life.