Finest Feng Shui with the Imperial Harvest Team

Feng Shui Fun with the Imperial Harvest Team 1

You may have seen these young, cool, fun folks in the Sanctuary. They have recently moved into our big office and are making themselves completely at home here.

Please meet the wonderful team from the Imperial Harvest Gallery at Delfi Orchard.

Tell us a bit about yourselves – The Imperial Harvest Team.

Hi Trehaus, we are the marketing team from Imperial Harvest. We have Sijia working on the social media page and backend. Yongjian works on getting the leads. Kian helps out in the media aspect of marketing. Also, we recently welcomed our new intern Riya to the team to help us with the content creation

How did you hear about Trehaus? 

Sijia – It is just behind our flagship gallery.

Yongjian – I had never heard of Trehaus until I started working for the company.

Kian – I saw Trehaus while walking around Claymore Connect. 

Riya – I heard of Trehaus from Imperial Harvest.

How has your experience been so far at Trehaus?

All – It’s a great space to get productive and get all our work done.

What is your business/work about?

We empower clients with auspicious luck and spatial fengshui at every stage of their lives. Imperial Harvest practises authentic imperial fengshui – a highly respected art previously reserved only for the Chinese nobility. Through our inspired guidance and finest earthly treasures, we deliver significant and sustainable success for our clients.

What’s your typical day like at Trehaus?

All – We all get down to business with our individual agendas and to-do list for the day.

What do you enjoy the most about Trehaus?

Sijia, Yongjian – We love the central location.

Kian – It’s a good location with access to different food options around.

Riya – I like the open air area outside Trehaus.

Which is your favourite space in Trehaus?

All – It’s the hot desk area.

What’s your favourite hangout/food place in or around Claymore Connect?
Sijia: Jewel Coffee
Yongjian: Imperial Harvest Gallery
Riya: Balcony outside Trehaus
Kian: Cold Storage.

Any words of advice for small teams like yourselves who would like to work out of Trehaus?

All –  It’s a good space to come by and get all your work done.