Winter Wonderland by Explorer Junior

Enter the Winter Wonderland with Explorer Junior this holiday! During this action-packed 4 days camp, explorers will be doing a series of hands-on activities surrounding the theme of winter. Explorers will start the camp by making their very own melting snowman bath bombs and play with snow! They will also be experimenting with salt crystal snowflakes. They will also learn about the animals that live in the extreme cold such as Polar Bear and Snow Owl. They will be doing a series of unplugged coding activities to solve the different challenges during the workshop. Moving closer to Christmas, explorers will assist Santa to complete the different tasks in order for Santa to deliver the gift on time and safely. This includes designing and building a pulley to help Santa move the big presents and assist Rudolph in delivering the presents to the right location through unplugged coding. They will end of the workshop by making a series of gifts and decorative items relating to Christmas such as a Christmas card.

Melting Snowman
Salt Crystal Snowflakes
Polar Bear Science
Build an Igloo
Unplugged coding: Squirrel Hibernation Food Collection
Build a Pulley for Santa
Lego Wedo Rudolph
Light up a Christmas Card

Age: 3 – 6 Years Old
Date: 18th – 21st December 2018
Time: 1p.m. – 5p.m. daily

Venue: Trehaus
Price: $398

Sign up link:

18 Dec, 2018, 9am - 1pm