Explorer Junior’s – Under the Ocean Adventures & Jungle and Safari Adventures (for ages 3-6)


Jungle and Safari - Trehaus

3 – 6 July, 9am-1pm
Science & Tech Junior – Under the Ocean Adventures
for ages 3 – 6 years old
$398 (including all materials & GST)

Dive into the deep ocean with Explorer Junior this June Holiday as you enjoy a series of hands-on activities related to the ocean and the animals living in it! Learn about the different layers of the ocean. During the workshop we will also explore the underwater animal kingdom, learning about the food chain and observing the ocean through VR scuba diving experience. Put on the designing cap to build a shark cage that protects them from the robotic shark. We will also take an exploration trip to the Great Barrier Reef to understand the habitat there. Get a chance to code your very own animation using Scratch Junior. Join Explorer Junior for 4 days worth of fun and learning this June Holiday! Call 88097211 or hello@explorerjunior.com to sign up!

17 – 20 July, 9am-1pm
Tech Junior – Jungle & Safari Adventures
for ages 3 – 6 years old
$398 (including all materials & GST)

Join Explorer Junior at their all new programme this summer! Build your very own binoculars to explore the jungle and hunt for animals through VR and AR. Understand the mechanisms and build your very own treehouse. Tinker with tools used for hunting in the past such as the slingshot. Get a slot onboard Explorer Junior’s jungle and safari exploration team! Call 88097211 or hello@explorerjunior.com to sign up!

3 Jul, 2018, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM