Summer Holiday Camps at TrehausKids (ages 2.5 & up)

Learn through play, movement, creative art and fun activities this Summer, here at TrehausKids!

We’ve put together a host of holistic programs to engage your child this Summer.

Our June and July Summer Camps are thoughtfully curated to bring fun, enrichment and engagement. Watch your children develop their creativity through art and neuroceramics, and learn new skills through mindful movements  and kung fu which would help improve strength, endurance, flexibility and self-control.

First 2 Weeks (29 May – 9 June) – Art and Movement
We are partnering with Canvass to bring your children a curated camp focused on cultivating a sense of calm and balance, promoting strength, endurance, flexibility, facilitating greater self-control, well-being through mindful movement and art, and then getting their creativity developed through a simple food-art / cookery class.

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Next 2 Weeks (12 – 23 June) – Clay & Kungfu

Come join us for this special CLAY & KUNGFU CAMP during the last two weeks where attendees aged 2.5 to 7 can get some HI-YAH going on, training to work those core muscles and gross motor skills with our partner from Ch’i Life, and then get their hands busy all while stimulating the cognitive capabilities through story-telling and theme-based clay-making (Neuroceramics) with our partner from Da Vinci Group.

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We also have group packages (sign up in a group of 3 or more) and sibling discounts. For further enquiries, call / text 9843 8077 or email us at