1 – a basic fun music-making camp for ages 5-9 teaches children the process of creation by helping them draw inspiration from the reality that surrounds them. This is accomplished through a holistic music composition program where they learn to reflect within themselves and use what they find to make their own music combining sound, rhythm, melody and lyrics into the formation of a song. All of this is accomplished using the latest in music production software and technology.

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Children stay engaged through an exciting Superhero narrative that make more than a music class, but a true interactive experience.

Story Synopsis: Story Synopsis: Dr. Sylento and his underlings are on their way to Sing City, to capture kids and take them to the Island of Silence to work hard labor and never have fun again. Dr. Sylento’s ultimate goal is to destroy all sound and music forever. It is up to Captain Wavy and the Sonic Boom Squad to teach the kids music (sound, rhythm, melody, lyrics), as it is the only way to defend against their advances.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, students will be expected to be able, at a minimum, to do the following:


· Understand the basic elements of sound
· Understand the basic elements of rhythm
· Understand the basic elements of melody
· Understand the basic elements of lyrics
· Understand how to produce a song
· How to use our feelings and thoughts as tools for creative outcomes
· How to appreciate music and art
· How to overcome adversity
· How to stay motivated through focus
· How to apply the basic fundamentals of commerce & financial literacy (Children earn participation dollars in class. They participate in counting, making deposits and withdrawals at the bank. At the end of the program, they can also purchase items at the Market with that money earned.)

Technical/Structural Skills:

· Basic understanding of music composition software
· Basic understanding of the process of sound recording
· Basic understanding of music performance
· Basic understanding of commerce and financial literacy

· Increased Self Esteem
· Increased Self Respect
· Increased Social Literacy
· Increased Resilience

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Dates: 19-23 November, 2-5pm

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19 Nov, 2018, 2-5pm