SmarterMe x Trehaus Discover Me Multi-Activity Holiday Camp

Here at Trehaus, we’ve curated some of THE BEST enrichment camps for your child. These camps are focused on STEM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics  and Coding so your child can learn the best of 21st century skills that will equip them for the future!

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SMARTER ME x Trehaus

Discover Me Multi-Activity Holiday Camp, 18th-22nd Dec, 9.30 AM – 12.30 PM
$350 for 5 sessions, for ages 5-8 years old, conducted in English

Expose your kids to new learning opportunities, enabling them to discover new skills and interests!
Across 5 days, in this curated multi-activity camp by Smarter Me and Trehaus, that marries art, science, engineering and entrepreneurship, kids will:

1. Learn to build and design their own race car, applying knowledge of gravity and speed in a final race off
2. Express their creativity in a 2D art piece using mixed media
3. Be amazed by the wonders of science, through fun experiments, and
4. Kick start their journey into entrepreneurship by understanding money matters and honing sales and presentation skills!

Smarter Me has brought together 4 specialist educators in art, engineering, science and early childhood to ensure kids leave this camp happy and with newfound knowledge and confidence.

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, 9.30am - 12.30pm