Money Matters Camp (9-14 Years Old)

Money Matters Camp (9-14 Years Old)

Date: 10-14 December, 1.30- 6.30pm

Value of money is the theme of Camp Money Matters! From goal setting and budgeting to hands-on ways to earning money – campers will end camp with a clearer perception of money.

What it’s about:
Unlock the mystery of money in this financial literacy course! Campers will learn the
basics of money where they will get to understand how money relates to them, how they can save and spend wisely, and ways to make money. For a hands-on practice in earning money, campers will also learn the financial aspects of running a “brick-and-mortar” business!

Key learning outcomes:
– Recognise the value of money
– Identify money personality
– Set up a plan for financial goals and personal income
– Present a business plan
– Sell products live and generate profits

What you get:
– A financial journal
– Snack across all days
– Official tee
– Official certificate

Booking link:

10 Dec, 2018, 1.30-6.30pm