Explore Junior – Science & Tech Junior: Green Planet

How will the world be in 2030? Will we still be using non-renewable energy sources to power our homes? Will we ever run out of energy? Are there other means by which we can harness energy?

All these questions will be answered during the two days of hands-on STEAM workshop with Explorer Junior. Explorers will start with a discussion on the world’s current energy situation. Thereafter, they will be tasked to think about the future of energy and learn about the current innovations aiming to solve the energy crisis.

Thereafter, they will move into activities that will help them understand more about how different renewable energy can be harnessed and converted to useful energy. The activities include the designing and creation of a water wheel, building of a solar car and wind car. Explorers will also get to experiment how these different tools work under different conditions. This is to allow them to gain a better and in-depth understanding of all these energy sources.

Not only will this workshop give Explorers a hands-on experience working with renewable energy sources, but it will also allow them to gain awareness of the world’s current energy landscape and their role in the future.

6 -7 June, 2109

9 AM – 1 PM

Fees: $198 (inclusive of all materials)

Age: 4-6 years old

Sign up link: https://www.explorerjunior.com/holiday-programs-singapore-signup

6 Jun, 2019, 9 AM -1 PM