Learn Hanyu Pinyin with Stories (听故事,学拼音)!

Children in local Primary Schools will need to learn Hanyu Pinyin(汉语拼音) in Primary One, and mastering Hanyu Pinyin can help them with confidence in speaking (pronunciation), effective reading and in future, fast and accurate typing.

Lulele.Sg are here to reduce the struggle with Hanyu Pinyin and create a less stressful time when your child enters Primary School with our 10-week course: Learn Hanyu Pinyin with Stories (听故事,学拼音)! [Course Features] 听故事,学拼音 | Learn Hanyu Pinyin with Stories

1) Comprehensive learning of 47 consonants & vowels (声韵母) using stories, rhymes and games to enhance child’s memory

2) Immersive Chinese Learning Environment over 10-weeks

3) Correcting Chinese words often mis-pronounced, and tackling those often confused with English phonetics
纠正中文字音,不和英文发音混淆, 提高语言表达能力,建立信心

4) Small Class Size (max. 8 students)

Learn it Once, and Learn it Right!

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For more information, please visit our website: http://lulele.sg/programme/hanyupinyin-stories/ 


18 Aug, 2018, 3-4.30pm