Chinese Primary One Prep class with Easi-Chinese

Singapore Children typically spend only 20% of their curriculum time in school learning/speaking Chinese. It seems like an impossibly uphill task to get children embrace Chinese without the right environment.

Let Easi-Chinese help you build a strong foundation for your Primary One.

Easi-Chinese uses using a word recognition system (字理识字法), a systematic approach of breaking down words into digestible “pieces” to aid children’s learning. During the 90 mins of immersive Chinese learning environment spent in each class, your child will gain confidence in reading and understanding the language quickly. Also, they should learn to read up to 200* words in a mere 12 weeks!

Join the Easi-Chinese prep class and breeze into a comfortable journey when they join Primary One.

More details:

Enquire: +65 6909 5636 (Tel) | (Email)

21 Jul, 2018, 9.30am-12.30pm