Book Launch Success – Carrotsticks & Cravings: Family Favourites

Book Launch Success - Carrotsticks & Cravings: Family Favourites 3

Book Launch Success - Carrotsticks & Cravings: Family Favourites 2

(Photo credit: Littleones Photography)

Our sundrenched Atelier + Studio at Trehaus recently transformed into a totally gorgeous space for the book launch of Terri-Anne Leske’s Carrotsticks & Cravings: Family Favourites, which was a huge success. At the book launch, Terri-Anne showcased her new Family Favourites cookbook – a collection of her labour of love for her family which features 50 healthy family favourites recipes, and is definitely an inspiration for all of us to eat well.

We caught up with the beautiful Terri-Anne Leske to ask her how she made her book launch happen so effortlessly and stunningly.


Interview with Terri-Anne Leske, author of Carrotsticks & Cravings Blog, My Creative Kitchen and Family Favourites

What inspired you to write and publish Carrotsticks & Cravings?

I started Carrotsticks and Cravings (the blog) in 2013 when my twins were about 8 months old & purely as a fun blog to share my own recipes amongst family and friends with the hope to inspire them to be healthier. I have always been really passionate about cooking, creating healthy recipes & photography and in turn those that read the blog loved the recipes & ideas and asked for more.

So a couple of years later (January 2015), I started to put my first book together – My Creative Kitchen – which was a great learning journey in itself as I self-published it! It took most of the year putting together the best collection of my own recipes and photographing/styling all of the recipes. My Creative Kitchen launched in November 2015 and the response exceeded any expectations I had! The book really opened up peoples mind’s on being creative in the kitchen in an achievable way.

This naturally lead to creating my second book, Family Favourites, which was launched in October 2016, as I received a lot of feedback from mums wanting more, including nut-free recipes, ideas for lunch boxes and dinners that the whole family could enjoy including little ones.

Don’t be fooled by the title though – it says ‘Family’ but there’s a lot of ideas for people without kids too, including healthy, entertaining ideas!

Why did you decide to choose Trehaus for the venue for the book launch? Did you envision your readers and fans liking this place as well?

I chose Trehaus as the venue for my launch as it’s a beautiful light space in a great central location. It offers a sense of warmth and calm (I love, love, love the colour scheme!) the minute you step into it and the facilities made it very useful for the book such as the Haus Pantry where we offered free food and drinks at the event.

What did you want to achieve at the book launch? Did it go according to plan?

I wanted to create an interactive event so that I could connect with guests about the vision of the book and being able to talk to them (and feed them!) helped with that. We showcased the partners that helped with creating the book including many grocery suppliers (see question 4 for who these awesome partners!), provided a mountain of free food so guests could taste the recipes from the book and I got to answer questions at my talk and in person too.

I also wanted to give back to guests, so there were a couple of major prizes given away as well!

Everything went exactly as planned as we spent months organising everything to the final details to make sure the event remained calm and enjoyable. Literally there wasn’t one hiccup!

Book Launch Success - Carrotsticks & Cravings: Family Favourites 4

Terri-Anne connecting with her guests (Picture Credit: Littleones Photography)

Terri-Anne connecting with her guests
(Picture Credit: Littleones Photography)

How did you pull everything together – what kind of support did you get and how have you tapped on resources that were available to you?

I spent a lot of time learning ‘how to pull everything together’ with my first book and in turn was able to meet a lot of other businesses who shared the same vision as I did to help create the second book.

This includes having my right hand lady and nutritionist Liza from Health and Vitality who helped ‘nutrition check’ all of my recipes and Littleones Photography who took the beautiful photos of myself and my family throughout the book launch. And the recipes wouldn’t have been possible to create without the support of The Meat Club for the beef and lamb, The Barbie Girls for the fresh salmon, Sabines Baskets for the fresh fruits and veggies and Foodsterr for the pantry superfoods essentials, such as quinoa, nuts and seeds. Plus, the little details like the clothing that my children wore which Emma Laue kindly contributed too and The Children’s Showcase for all the tableware.

For the event itself, HoneyKids Asia was my exclusive media partner and I greatly appreciate their involvement as they helped spread the word of the event and LittleFarms and Tripod assisted with the food and coffee on the day.

Describe briefly how you organised your book launch from start to finish.

I wanted a very interactive event and I already had the support from the partners so it started off with A LOT of conversations to a very tight deadline!

I used the support of my super organised and possibly downright perfectionist friend who assisted with organising the event, including managing the partners, prizes, communication & layout, which in turn allowed me to focus on my talk. And the event went exactly to plan because we planned so well.  It really does take a village as they say!

Did you consider this event a successful one? Why? 

Absolutely successful! What was most important to me was being able to have an interactive event and share with guests how easy and achievable it is to create the recipes from the book. Bringing together all of the partners meant that guests had a ‘one stop shop’ where they could ask each partner any questions they had plus taste the food too and without having to travel to different places!

And did venue contribute as a factor?

Trehaus made for the perfect venue as the space offered seating, lots of space to walk around, the pantry, and an overall warm feeling about it!


About Terri-Anne Leske

Terri-Anne is happily married & mum to 2.5 year-old twins, Eli and Olivia and  3 month-old daughter Hallie. She’s passionate about cooking and her food philosophy is all about keeping things in moderation. She believes in super foods & creating healthy recipes during the week but when the weekend hits, nothing makes her happier than hosting dinner parties and creating decadent dishes to plate up to her family and friends.