Baby Whisperer and Community Evangelist – Karyn Suwito

She was our resident Baby Whisperer, our Community Manager and our fellow Hausmate all rolled in one, and you’ve probably seen her around at the Kids Atelier, dancing to Baby Shark with your little ones.

Karyn Suwito has been (and still is!) an integral part of our tight-knitted community here at Trehaus. She’s now relocated and based in Kuala Lumpur where she and her husband are settling to start their family. This month, she shares what Trehaus means to her in our Member Spotlight.

How did you hear about Trehaus?

I had just moved to Singapore and was looking for a job in social enterprise, and maternal and child health. I never thought I’d find it but I read about a UN Women panel happening at Trehaus and got curious! I did a search about the venue sponsor and couldn’t believe the place existed.

Why did you choose to work here?

I love what the company stands for. It allows parents the option to have a career and be present for their families. As a woman, I wanted this option to be available for myself when I decided to start a family. And amazingly enough it merges my love for maternal care and childcare and growing curiosity for business.

Best part of your job?

All the babies giggles and smiles, as well as seeing awesome moms and dads thrive in their businesses.  I love being able to apply what I’ve learned over the years to helping the children develop and feel at ease in our space.

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Worst part of your job?

When I’m unable to calm a crying child, and never being able to leave work with a clean shirt.

How has your experience been at Trehaus?

I’ve been at Trehaus since they opened. We were a new company growing and changing, through it all it has been such a rewarding experience supporting parents and seeing their children thrive in a community based environment.

What did you enjoy most about being in this space?

It’s really in the name: Tre-Haus – the Third house. It is a place of work, but it feels comfortable and cozy. You can be completely yourself and feel supported by your peers and members.

Baby Whisperer and Community Evangelist - Karyn Suwito 1

Which is your favourite space in Trehaus?

Our sun-drenched Atelier. Funny enough I never had terrible jet lag after long trips because you’d get all that natural light at work, but it’s a tie with our nap room – nothing like being in a room full of peaceful sleeping babies.

Any words of advice to other members on the best ways to maximize the resources available at Trehaus?

Never hesitate to ask or share an idea you have for Trehaus – the idea of a co-working space is that you share your expertise with other people in your community, and they can share back. Use the network, ask for introductions and don’t be shy!  We’re lucky at Trehaus because we are not an industry-focused co-working space, this means that we have all kinds of specialties and businesses in our space. In all honesty, our space is so versatile I was even able to do my Singapore wedding there!

Baby Whisperer and Community Evangelist - Karyn Suwito 3

Baby Whisperer and Community Evangelist - Karyn Suwito 5

Baby Whisperer and Community Evangelist - Karyn Suwito 2

Any other thoughts or comments you’d like to share?

Enjoy your workplace – be as comfortable as the kids are!