Leaning In To the Future of Work – Weepeng Yeo-Hanzlíková


Weepeng has a special, uplifting energy about her. Her little boy, Finn – is the kind of people person who was probably born that way. He hugs kiddos who have fallen down. He follows the big boys everywhere. He executes verbal instructions with surprising accuracy for his age. Not very surprising when you see how joyful and communicative Weepeng is when she pops into the Atelier to spend a little time with her boy. Getting things done very efficiently, Weepeng works with ops and finances for Amasia, a Venture Capital firm with offices in Trehaus. In the space daily, she offers a smile and a chat whenever she’s in the pantry. Meet the Yeo-Hanzlíkovás – rays of sunshine in our space!

Young Venture Capital Mum Leaning Into the Future of Work - Weepeng Yeo-Hanzlíková 1

How did you hear about Trehaus?
My boss, John, is husband to Elaine, who’s a Trehaus co-founder and we’ve been renting a private office here at Trehaus since early 2016, even before I was pregnant with Finn.

How has your experience at Trehaus been from first not being a parent to being a parent in our space?
Before I had Finn, Trehaus wasn’t that much different from any other office space, our office is furthest from the Atelier so you don’t hear anything – although my colleague and I enjoyed seeing the kids when we popped by the pantry! It was only after I had Finn that I feel like I receive the multiple benefits of Trehaus.

Young Venture Capital Team-Mum Leaning Into the Future of Work - Weepeng Yeo-Hanzlíková 1

What made you decide to bring Finn to Trehaus even though you have a great support system in Singapore?
I missed him sooooo much when I was at work. Now whenever I miss him, a snuggle is only a few steps away! Also, because Finn is the only grandchild, if he stayed home all day, he would only be interacting with adults and his dad and I thought that it was important for him to hang out with other humans his age.

Do you see how Finn has changed in terms of his growth and development? What are some things he’s picked up from being in the Atelier?

Finn has really grown up in Trehaus, he started at about 7 months and now he’s 18 months! He took some of his first few steps in the Atelier and as an extremely active toddler, the Atelier provided him a safe and big space to let loose, run around, play, and learn. He’s also very comfortable with other children and is a real people person, which I love.

How did you feel being a new mum in our space? What would you say to new moms who want this work arrangement?
As a relatively young mother, I don’t really have any friends who also have kids, so I really liked that at Trehaus I can talk to and get advice from other parents who have kids in the same age group.

Tell us about what you do.
Amasia is a venture capital firm and I assist with all operation and finance processes at the back office.

Has bringing your child to work affected your productivity / efficiency at work?
I like to think it has helped make me more productive. Finn is my little energizer bunny and when I’m feeling burnt out, a few minutes with him at the Atelier gives me the little perk up I need to get back to work.

Any words of advice for a mother like you who would like to bring an active toddler to work?
Do it! Finn is constantly on the move and exploring, he’s learning new things all the time. If I had sent him to infant care or left him at home with family every day, I would have missed out on so much. On the other hand, I really don’t think I could stay home with him all day, I would go crazy. So obviously – there’s nothing better than Trehaus for the both of us!